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Cooking Tip of the Week (12/13/2010)

Posted by Bill Abruzzo on December 17, 2010 at 12:20 AM

A Quick Tip On Melting Chocolate

Chocolate dipped cookies or fruits are quick, easy and elegant. Properly melting the chocolate is the key to a perfect chocolate dipped desert. Forget about using the microwave oven, or worse yet, melting the chocolate in a sauce pot set directly on a burner, as it will scorch and stick to the bottom. Instead, always melt chocolate on your stove top using a double-boiler. If you don’t have one, here is an easy alternative. Fill a medium-sized sauce pan about ½ way with water and bring it up to a low boil. Place the chocolate in a wide shallow bowl or pie dish that will fit over the top of the pot, and stir until it is soft and creamy. After you dip your cookies or fruit, set them to dry on a non-stick baking tray or one that has been sprayed with cooking spray to prevent sticking. Enjoy!


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